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Our job is too beautiful

and too difficult to do alone.

 Amelia Gambitti

Learning Together


Teaching and nurturing children is a journey – not a destination.

It is a dynamic, challenging, and joyful process that evolves through relationships and requires venturing into the unknown.  It would be a privilege to join you on your path. 


Together we can explore ideas and possibilities, address your questions and challenges, clarify your values and purpose, and rediscover your childlike creativity and sense of wonder.

Our collaboration could be a single dialogue or event, a series of experiences and discussions, or an ongoing partnership.


Coaching for parents and educators

Workshops and presentations for teachers and families

Classroom observations and participation

School and program consultation

I offer in-person and virtual:

Some of the topics we might explore together:

  • Play = Learning - why play matters now more than ever

  • The Essential Seven - life skills every child needs

  • Choosing Toys - five questions to consider

  • Why? - responding to children's challenging questions

  • The "Good Enough" Parent - why children need love, not perfection

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For families…

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For teachers…

  • Environments that engage children’s hearts and minds

  • The what?, so what?, and now what? of curriculum planning

  •  Play - what it is, why it's essential, and how to support it

  • The language of materials and the power of story

  • Making learning visible - the process of documentation

  • Finding your voice, renewing your passion, teaching with joy

For administrators…

  • Creating a culture of trust, respect, and collaboration

  • Developing a shared philosophy and vision 

  • Supporting research and professional development

  • The Reggio approach - Where to begin?  What comes next? 

  • Living your values, trusting your wisdom, nourishing your spirit 

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Children deserve a world that nurtures their innate joy, creativity, and curiosity.

Please contact me to begin a conversation!

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